Plan your trip to Abruzzo

Save your time and let us help you put together a great itinerary tailored to your interests and budget. If you are a first-time traveller to Abruzzo or want to dig deeper and get to know specific areas, we will help you to plan a perfect trip to Abruzzo.

Pre-trip advice

There is very little information in English available about Abruzzo, so planning a trip to the region could be challenging. Let me help you. Schedule a 30-minute video call (on Skype, Zoom or Google Meet) with me, so I can answer your questions about how to make the best of your time in Abruzzo, where to stay, what to see and do based on your interests. After the call I will send you a follow-up .pdf file with a customised itinerary as well as a list of the best restaurants (a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and dishes available on request) and special places to stay in Abruzzo.

Photo by Angelo D’Amico

Who is this service for?

My pre-trip advice is for those who have never been to Abruzzo before, do not have the time to do extensive research to plan a perfect trip, have particular interests and requirements (I’ve helped planning trips for vegans, autochthonous grape enthusiasts, people interested in exploring traditional Abruzzese cuisine, those who wanted to stay in high-end accommodations and hire a car with a driver, groups of friends and families with Abruzzese roots etc.).

Price: from €99 for a 2-3-day itinerary.

Add-ons: You can add a private cooking class, wine or food tour. Prices vary.

Email me to book or enquire.

House hunting travellers – orientation travel advice

Planning a house hunting trip to Abruzzo but do not know where to start? Check out our services for those who are thinking of buying a property in Abruzzo and moving to the region on this page.