ABRUZZISSIMO is the only English-language digital magazine about Abruzzo. The publication is a brainchild of Anna Lebedeva, a freelance food and travel journalist based in Abruzzo, who felt the need to tell the world about the beauty of the region. Every issue is carefully curated by Anna, who invites local journalists, tour guides, history enthusiasts, photographers, book authors and other passionate people to share insiders’ travel tips, their knowledge of the region’s history, culture, food and wine.

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Anna Lebedeva
Publisher and Editor

Anna is a freelance journalist based in Abruzzo. She has written for such publications as International Living, The Telegraph, Italy Magazine, The Local Italy, The Independent. She has written a culinary guide Eat Like A Local in Turin (available on Amazon) and is working on her next book.

Linda Dini Jenkins
Copy Editor

Linda is a writer and editor who splits her time between Salem, Massachusetts and Sulmona. She is the author of Up at the Villa: Travels with my Husband and blogs about travel and all things Italian. Every year, Linda brings two small groups of travelers to experience Italy.


Francesco Proia is a journalist and director of www.marsicalive.it. He has written several books: Il Principe del Lago, Polvere del Lago, Lake Dust (in English), all available on Amazon.

Mauro Cironi is a mountain guide and an amateur photographer in love with the earth and nature. He is involved in the Life Coornata project for the protection of the Apennine chamois and the Salviamo l’Orso protecting the Marsican brown bear.

Stuart Haines is the author of Walking in Abruzzo book and one of the creators of the Anello della Valle Peligna 
long-distance footpath. He also curates the walkers’ website Sulmona Valley Walks.

Michelle Reid is an Abruzzo-based translator, blogger, outdoor and modern history enthusiast.

Connie De Vincentis runs a home restaurant and cooking school in Tocco da Casauria.

Mary Vischetti lives in Abruzzo and runs a food blog. Find her on Un’Americana Tra gli Orsi and Instagram

Udhana Abeysekera moved to Abruzzo from Adelaide, Australia, last year to take a break from his career in aviation in order to pursue his passion for wine

Michela Portacci works in the regional government and is passionate about promoting Abruzzo and its traditions.

Giulia Pietrobattista is an Abruzzo-based amateur photographer who is passionate about the region’s traditional food and travel.