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Is there a FREE subscription option?

Yes, you can subscribe via our Home page or here and receive the magazine but you will only be able to access one article in each issue. To have access to 10 full issues per year you will have to switch to a premium subscription.

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Head to our online shop to buy an annual subscription. All payments are securely proccessed via PayPal or Stripe. If you want to set up a monthly payment plan please email editor [at]

I have made a donation to ABRUZZISSIMO. Do I still have to pay for my subscription?

It is up to you! Many of our supporters have donated and bought a premium subscription because they understand how much work goes into each issue of the magazine. But as an expression of our appreciation, those who have donated in the last 12 months will automatically go on the paying subscribers list for one year and will have access to 10 full issues of ABRUZZISSIMO Magazine in 2022.

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If you set up a monthly payment plan you can cancel any time. You can cancel your next annual subscription before it is renewed automatically. We do not offer refunds.

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If you are already a free subscriber you will continue to receive the magazine but will only have access to one article per issue. If you are not subscribed yet but want to see what ABRUZZISSIMO is about get a free subscription (with access to one free article in each issue, 10 free articles per year in total) via our Home page (on the right side of the page you will see a box “Subscribe to ABRUZZISSIMO Magazine”) or here.

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Yes, of course! You can buy a gift subscription in our online shop here (you will get a gift card to download and email to the person you are gifting the subscription to).

How do I access the archive issues of ABRUZZISSIMO?

Please send an email to editor [at] to receive a link for downloading the past issues.

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