Moving to Abruzzo?

House hunting travellers – orientation travel planning advice

Thinking of moving to Abruzzo or buying a holiday home here? Planning a house hunting trip to Abruzzo but do not know where to start?

Schedule a 30-minute video call (on Skype, Zoom or Google Meet) with one of our local experts who can answer your questions about how to make the best of your house hunting trip in Abruzzo: what areas to visit, where to stay, what to see and do based on your interests. You will be able to paint a much clearer picture of Abruzzo and your itinerary with a thorough introduction from a local expert.

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How does it work?

Before the call you will receive a brief questionnaire to help us understand your preferences and goals so we can tailor the call for you.

After the call you will receive our comprehensive orientation pack which will include .pdf documents with the following information:

– a proposed itinerary for your trip;

– an overview of Abruzzo (the four provinces and what makes each of them different, areas popular with expats and insiders’ tips on why choose a particular town or city, amenities available, transportation, hospitals etc., rental prices, property price range in different parts of Abruzzo etc.);

– a list of trusted English-speaking real estate agents in the region;

– recommended places to stay (in your preferred areas that you want to visit).

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What are the benefits?

While many real estate agents offer orientation tours to potential buyers, they, obviously, only show you the areas where they have properties for sale. Our orientation travel advice service is a good starting point or an addition to your visits already booked with an estate agent to broaden your understanding of the region and make sure you choose the right area for house hunting and, eventually, settling down.

  • Gives you a clear understanding of the region’s geography, lifestyle and the areas suitable for you.
  • Helps to narrow down your search and identify the areas where you’d like to start looking for a property.
  • Saves you time planning your trip.
  • You will get our exclusive info pack about Abruzzo with in-depth practical information available only to our customers.

Price: from €145 (2-3 day itinerary).

Contact ABRUZZISSIMO for more details.