Recipes from Abruzzo – eBook


This e-book is a collection of 39 recipes from Abruzzo. As soon as you pay you will receive a .pdf file of the book. 



This e-book is a collection of 39 recipes from Abruzzo that have been published in ABRUZZISSIMO Magazine up to date. Each recipe comes with a historical and cultural background, so you will learn about centuries-old Abruzzese traditions while enjoying these delicious dishes.

Inside you will find recipes from Abruzzo for starters, pasta, fish & meat, breads and savoury pies, desserts, preserves and liqueurs, Easter and Christmas dishes (see the Contents in the product gallery above).

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  1. Lisa

    My grandmother was born in Abruzzi, so I was very excited to buy this ebook last week. I’ve already made the crostata and pizza scima and they were excellent. Thank you for this lovely little book!

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