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Pontius Pilate from Bisenti in Abruzzo

A legend has it that the notorious Pontius Pilate was born in Bisenti. Is it just a popular folktale or could there be historic truth to it? A local history…

Cerasuolo: not your girly wimpy rosé

As soon as hot sunny days arrive, Cerasuolo wine takes frontstage in Abruzzo. The region’s answer to conventional rosé, it has also been winning the hearts and palates of international…

Hiking the Spiritual Trail in the Majella National Park

The Majella Mountains have drawn hermits, pilgrims and travellers for centuries. Today, the challenging Spiritual Trail can take you on a multi-day hike in their footsteps.  The Majella Mountains retain…

Green gold of Abruzzo’s mountains

Wild mountain spinach, or orapi, is one of the tastiest, but least known leafy greens from Abruzzo. For centuries, only the very poor women went harvesting for orapi. They climbed…

BBQ on the Roof of the World

Start with a sunny day. Maybe the first one when we can be out and about again. Head toward the imposing fortress of Rocca Calascio. Get out and climb. Build…

New Life in Abruzzo

A visit to their Abruzzese relatives inspired a Canadian couple to move to Abruzzo where they started a new life and a successful business. We started coming to Abruzzo in…

Time Stands Still

A new world opened to Helene and her husband John when they moved from the State of Virginia in the US to a small town in Abruzzo. She tells our…