This year, the number of Blue Flag beaches in Abruzzo is 14, with a new entry – Alba Adriatica.

The prestigious Blue Flag Award is given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to the cleanest and most eco-friendly beaches and marinas in the world every year. 14 locations in Abruzzo have received the Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu) in 2022, which also include two lakes, Villalago and Scanno.  

Alba Adriatica

In order to qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained (e.g. bathing water quality and local ecosystems information must be displayed, the beach has to be clean and have recycling facilities, drinking water, toilets, lifeguards or lifesaving equipment etc.). Across Italy, the total number of the beaches flying a Bandiera Blue is 427 this year with Liguria, Puglia, Campania and Tuscany at the top of the regions (see the full list here).

This is where you can find Blue Flag beaches in Abruzzo this year. See the map with the locations below.


Provincia di Pescara

Marina di Pescara

Provincia di Chieti

Vasto – Vignola

Fossacesia – Fossacesia Marina

San Salvo – San Salvo Marina

Francavilla al Mare

Provincia dell’Aquila

Villalago – Lake Villalago

Scanno – Lake Scanno

Provincia di Teramo

Pineto – Torre Cerrano

Roseto degli Abruzzi – Lungomare Sud, Lungomare Nord, Lungomare Centrale

Silvi – Parco Marino Torre del Cerrano, Lungomare Centrale

Giulianova – Lungomare Zara, Lungomare Spalato-Rodi

Tortoreto – Spiaggia del Sole

Alba Adriatica – Spiaggia D’Argento

See the map of all Blue Flag beaches in Abruzzo below:

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