With Christmas just around the corner we want to offer this curated roundup of holiday gifts “Made in Abruzzo”. Most of the artisans and small businesses listed here ship internationally but you will have to check for details on their website or via email.

Every year we run a “Made in Abruzzo” thread in our Abruzzo Expat Community on Facebook where the members list their suggestions. We’ve picked the best ones here and also added some of ABRUZZISSIMO Magazine’s favourites.  Feel free to share this gift guide to spread the word about the beautiful region of Abruzzo and the craftsmen here.

Cosmetics Inspired by Abruzzo

The native flora of the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise is the inspiration behind Parco 1923 cosmetics. Perfumes, bath foam, and hand and body creams are made with the help of local botanists who “decoded” the natural fragrances of the moss, rare orchids, honeysuckle, angelica, and iris. All products are organic, artisanal made, and sourced from within Abruzzo, including the packaging. Available from the company’s shop in Pescasseroli, on their website.

Waffle irons

Massimo at Aveia Ars makes amazing waffle irons and cookie stamps with traditional Abruzzese patterns (e.g. presentosa, rosone etc.) in the small village of Fossa. You can also order your very own custom-made set of ferri with your initials or any other design (one of his recent orders was a set of waffle irons depicting the castle of Pacentro. You can just go traditional and order a set with your initials, just like it was done in the old days.

Local liquors

In 2017, after being made redundant Guiseppe decided to follow his passion and a family tradition by setting up a business which he named Liquoreria Abruzzese based in Ripa Teatina. As with so many others the Covid lockdowns placed significant hardship but L.AB have survived. He makes a range of liquors with the majority of ingredients being grown on his family land blending Montepulciano, Cerasuolo or Pecorino wine with cherries, peaches, Indian figs, strawberries and, of course, the traditional Genziana root.

Abruzzissimo food hampers

Want to buy a gift for your relatives and friends in Abruzzo? Send them a Christmas box filled with delicacies! We have teamed up with farmers and food artisans from the region to create delectable holiday gifts “Made in Abruzzo”. The goodies inside include cured meats, cheeses, heritage local legumes, extra virgin olive oil, pasta, spumante wine, and jams — all from Abruzzo’s producers and family farms. Browse the food boxes online, pay online, and they will be delivered to your family and friends in Abruzzo. See our range of curated food boxes here.

Traditional jewellery

Maurizio D’Ottavio is one of just a few goldsmiths who still patiently crafts traditional Abruzzese jewellery in his workshop in Chieti. Apart from the famous presentosa, he makes delicate Sciacquajje earrings which soft jingling was believed to protect the wearer from envy and the evil eye in the past. Maurizio also makes jewellery to order.

Ceramics from Villamagna

Ceramiche d’arte Liberati in Villamagna make stunning ceramic Christmas tree decorations, plates, vases and one-off pieces. . Our favourites are the onces with the traditional Abruzzese floral pattern called “il fioraccio”. See all designs in their online shop.

Truffles from the Abruzzo’s mountains

Lucio of Berlingeri Tartufi and his loyal dogs Masha, Nina and Rita dig up fragrant tubers to make exquisite truffle condiments: black summer and winter truffle sauces, purees, infused oils. Their white truffles come from the wilderness of the Gran Sasso mountains. To buy directly from the Berlingeri family head to their online shop (message Gianna, Lucio’s wife, if you have questions. English spoken). They ship throughout Europe and will soon start shipments further afield.

For knitters and crafters

Aquilana Lana Italiana farm sheep for wool, make their own yarn and colour it with natural plant extracts (e.g. Montepulciano wine, saffron flowers). They also knit hats, scarves and jumpers to order. Their lovely shop is located in Santo Stefano but you can also contact them via Facebook.

Artistic panettoni

If you happen to be in Pescara for Christmas, make sure to pop in to Caprice di Fabrizio Camplone Maestro Pasticcere to get one of their magnificent panettoni covered in chocolate and marzipan. The award-winning pastry shop-bar makes a limited number of these masterpieces and they are not cheap but Pescaresi do like to splash out on artisanal cakes for Christmas. One of these would make a beautiful gift Made in Abruzzo, don’t you think?!

gifts made in abruzzo

Traditional blankets

Coperte Merlino Taranta have been making amazing high-quality Abruzzese double-sided blankets in Taranta Peligna since 1870. They still use old traditional patterns, including the famous cherubs, and knot the fringe on each blanket by hand. The factory has an online shop and ships worldwide.

Honey goodies

Great stocking fillers from the award-winning bee keeping company in Tornareccio Apicoltura Luca Finocchio: sweets, cosmetics, liqueurs all made with local honey. They have an online shop and ship in Italy and Europe.

Handwoven textiles

The Social Cooperative Voloentieri comprises a group of energetic ladies in Casoli. Using old-style looms, they craft exquisite handwoven kitchen towels, napkins, table runners, and bags with traditional fibers such as linen, cotton, and hemp. They also take orders for custom-made bigger textile items. To see their work and place orders, go to their website or Facebook page.

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