Juan Carrito, a young Marsican bear, broke into a bakery in Roccaraso to feast on fresh biscuits. The local park rangers tracked the signal of the bear’s radio collar and realised that, once again, the furry youngster was up to something naughty. They were informed by the owners of the bakery Dolci Sapori in the centre of Roccaraso that the bear helped himself to tasty treats. He broke the mosquito window net in the kitchen and went straight to the oven, openedit and took out the tray with biscuits (see the photos of the mess he left behind in this article). When the forestry police arrived, they made noise and “escorted” the animal out of the village.

Juan Carrito is one of four cubs of the much-loved Amarena who lives in the area. He is classified as a confident bear which means he is not afraid to roams the streets of the villages. The rangers fitted him with a radio collar to keep an eye on his whereabouts and do their best to stop Juan Carrito from encounters with villagers, often using petards to make noise and keep the youngster at a distance.

The naughty Marsican bear has been caught in chicken coops and looking into people’s gardens over the fence. A few weeks ago, he was photographed drinking from a fountain in the centre of a village absolutely unbothered by onlookers who snapped beautiful shots of the furry visitor. It looked almost like he was posing for the photos.

In the video below you can see Juan Carrito roaming the streets of Roccaraso after his biscuit feast. Check out that brave little dog that approaches him and the way the bear looks at him in amusement, without any sign of fear or aggression.

The Marsican bear is an endangered subspieces of the brown bear. It is estimated that there are only about 50 of the animals left in Abruzzo. Park rangers strongly advise not to follow a bear if you come across one on the road or on the streets, no matter how tempting it might be to take a photo or make a video. It is important to let the bear escape without obstructing his way.

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