Casoli in the Chieti Province has been added to the list of the Borghi piu belli d’Italia (The Most Beautiful Towns in Italy).

The historic hilltop town well deserves the prestigious title. It has beautiful architecture, distinctive cuisine and hosts a number of annual festivals that attract many visitors.

What to see

Castello Ducale – a formidable castle built by the powerful Orsini family in the 15thce century around the Norman observation tower. Today it houses a museum dedicated to Casoli during the Word War II, hosts various temporary exhibitions and boasts stunning panoramic vistas over the town. Open every weekend in June-July, every day in August. Call +39 351 6210870 or +39 327 7424154 to book tours on request during the year. Entrance costs €3.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore – built by the Orsini in 1455, the church has beautiful frescoes from the 15th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Chiesa di Santa Reparata – a beautiful Renaissance church, which despite numerous, not always careful restorations, has retained many original features, frescoes and statues.

Medieval Walls – see some surviving fragments of medieval fortified buildings and walls between via Roma, piazza del Tempio and via Centrale.

Noble Palaces – Casoli used to be home to many noble families. Walk on Piazza del Tempio, Piazza Fiore, corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Umberto I to see some 17th-19th-century elegant palaces.


Festival of Sant’Antonio Abate, January 15-17 – on the streets of Casoli folkloristic scenes of the life and temptations of the saints are played by travelling theatres.

Festa di Santa Reparata, October 7-9 – the patron saint fest celebrations with religious processions, a costumed parade, music, dances and communal meals.

Don’t Miss

Make sure to try Casoli’s delicious totere pastries, crispy cones filled with luscious custard. Read more here.

The rare Intosso olive oil is produces in the olive groves around Casoli. Read more about it in the November issue of ABRUZZISSIMO Magazine. Subscribe here.

The featured photo is by our friends at Palazzo Ricci Club (read their story, Restoring a Noble Palace, in the August, September and November issues of the magazine)

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